PREPARED BY: Chris Stanford 

DATE: 03/14/21


Developing a successful investment strategy can be a challenging task, especially without a mentor to guide you along the way. While it may not be possible to meet someone like Warren Buffett in person, you can gain insights into his strategies by reading books about him. Books are essential for mastering the game of trading and investing. Here are my top 10 recommendations for new traders and investors:

1.) Hedge Fund Market Wizards (Jack D. Schwager): This book features interviews with some of the world’s top fund managers, including renowned investor Ray Dalio, offering valuable insights into their success.

2.) The Intelligent Investor (Benjamin Graham): Written by Warren Buffett’s professor, Benjamin Graham, this book is widely regarded as the bible of value investing. While it may not be the easiest read for novice investors, it is an essential resource at some point in your journey.

3.)Security Analysis (Benjamin Graham and David Dodd): While Graham’s most popular book is The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis is considered the most valuable. It emphasizes the concept of intrinsic value and helps differentiate investing from speculation.

4.)The Forbes CFA Investment Course (Vahan Janjigian): This comprehensive course delves into major asset classes and provides insights into the techniques used by professional investors to value these assets. It is designed as a study aide for the CFA but can benefit all investors.

5.) Warren Buffett’s Letters to Shareholders: These letters offer deep insights into Buffett’s investment strategy and cover various topics such as corporate governance, company culture, economics, management, and overall investment strategy.

6.)Unshakeable (Tony Robbins): Despite Tony Robbins being a motivational speaker, this book effectively covers the fundamentals of investing. Robbins draws from his relationship with Ray Dalio, emphasizing the importance of resilience and long-term success in investing.

7.)Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: This book provides guidance on creating a research process and understanding where to find reliable information. It focuses on industry analysis, a critical component of a successful top-down investment approach.

8.)The Alpha Masters (Maneet Ahuja): Through interviews with prominent names on Wall Street like Bill Ackman, Ray Dalio, and David Tepper, this book explores various investment strategies and identifies common principles that stand the test of time.’

9,)Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill): Although not specifically about investing, this book is essential for developing the proper mindset for creating lasting wealth. It emphasizes setting ambitious goals and cultivating belief in their achievability.

10.)Trading in the Zone (Mark Douglas): This book delves into the psychological aspects of trading, focusing on the mindset required for success. Mark Douglas provides useful methods to manage emotions, a crucial but challenging aspect of investing.

By delving into these top 10 books, traders and investors can gain valuable knowledge, insights, and strategies to enhance their investment journey. Remember, continuous learning is key to success in the world of trading and investing.



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