Portfolio Management
and Options Seminar

Portfolio Management & Options Seminar

Learn how to increase portfolio returns & hedge your portfolio exposure, using options strategies. Before you do anything you have to have a solid portfolio management approach. You can be the best at finding 1 off ideas, but if you don’t know how to organize ideas alongside one another your never going to be massively successful in the long term. Having the right amount of ideas and the right amount allocated to each one of them is the difference between success and failure.


Whether you are interested in acquiring an equity position, already own equities, or simply do not wish to own any equities, there are options strategies that are suitable to generate income. We will explore the top 3 income strategies to add yield.


There is also a possibility to hedge price risks by using options, which grant the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a futures contract at a fixed price, which in this case will be called the strike price. Unlike using futures to hedge, hedging with options offers more possibilities for the holders of an option.


A core element of any successful strategy is proper portfolio management. Portfolio managers need to be able to answer the following questions: How much of the portfolio should you use in each position? How many positions should you have at once? How much should you have in cash?

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