Written by: Chris Stanford

Publishing date: 6/1/2022

Asset Allocation guide

Everybody realizes the need to diversify assets. The real question is how? All of the books and videos provide the same old generic advice.  This is fine if you want the generic results. I made that decision a long time ago that I wasn’t going to be the average. So that means I can’t follow generic advice. This is a guide for those of you that are seeking extraordinary results. Extraordinary results require extraordinary strategy. 

Some of the most prestigious and well-educated investors are getting slaughtered right now. Maybe you are thinking something along the lines of well they just haven’t kept up with the times. Investing is completely different now. So then why are all these meme stocks cratering? Oh, right fundamentals are always and forever important, but sometimes reality takes time to play out in company valuations. Some of you are here because you tried the get rich quick thing. Now you want to get serious and focus on getting rich for sure. You could spend a lifetime learning about investing, and barely scratch the surface. It’s important that we are constantly pushing our knowledge progression. Maybe what you are doing is working for you extremely well right now. More power to you, but what happens when things change? Being knowledgeable about a larger group of asset classes allows more opportunities when the tides start to change.

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