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Learn how to manage your own investment portfolio! No prior experience necessary. This course is great for all! Gain insights from veteran hedge fund managers. Our on-demand finance course covers several topics. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the stock market, how to do your own investment research, options trading, investing in bonds, commodities, and so much more!


Looking to build your own investment portfolio? This course will teach you our step by step process. The founder of Alpha University(Chris Stanford) has over a decade of investment experience. He was personally mentored by Billionaire investor Bill Ackamn. All of the Alpha University video courses are packaged in one-lifetime membership. We continually add new videos every week.  The course will teach you the following topics:  portfolio management basics, investing in stocks, bonds, commodities, and so much more.


Average investors think simply in terms of having successful one off ideas. The best investors diversify, and find ways to make all the positions work together intelligently. Here you will learn how to manage risk like a professional investor. Learning how to effectively capitalize a portfolio is essential for long term success. By the end of this course, you will have mastered the analytical tools, quantitative skills, and practical knowledge necessary for long-term investment management success.

  • Making an investment plan: 
  • Basic portfolio optimization:
  • Targeting goals:
  • Backtesting portfolios 
  • Correlation matrix 
  • Drawdown Charting 
  • Diversification principles
  • Monitoring your portfolio
  • Positions sizing principles
  • Scheduling your day 
  • Sophisticated tax strategies

10+ hours of lessons & hw assignments

In this course we examine the core aspects of financial accounting. Before you can start learning about stocks, you have to build a solid foundation in financial accounting. Alpha University teaches students how to interpret financial statements. Accounting is truly the language of business. 

5+ hours of video content

This course will equip you with the skills, confidence, and strategies to assess potential investment opportunities in the equity market. leverage them to maximize value and diversify portfolios. Gain a competitive edge by developing actionable skills in the alternative investments field you can leverage to advance your career. 

  • Key financial indicators to use in your analysis
  • Understand the key economic indicators
  • Evaluate the current macro economic environment
  • Interpret and analyze company financial statements 
  • Evaluate management teams 
  • The process of setting yourself up
  • Using exchange traded funds to trade foreign markets
  • Learn how to design and implement a diversified portfolio
  • Become familiar with the tools needed to trade and back test 
  • Examine how the capital markets work
  • Variety of trading strategies combined with long term investing
  • Screening process and criteria
  • Industry analysis for top down strategies
  • Analyzing news & other company catalyst

10+ hours of lessons & home work 

This course will breakdown the options market, in a simplified step by step structure. Feel more confident in your options strategies with a solid understanding of what options are, how they work, and tips on some of the most popular trading strategies. Here are some other key things that you will learn in this course:

  • Explore the basic framework of the options market
  • Hedging strategies using $SPY options 
  • Explore bullish, bearish, and neutral strategies
  • Credit & Debit spread strategies
  • Butterfly spread strategy
  • Straddle & strangle strategies
  • Writing options against long term positions
  • Learn how to calculate break evens and manage risk
  • Model for optimized portfolio returns
  • Utilize options Greeks for  trade structuring
  • Running a wheel strategy
  • Hedging using options
  • Options risk/return modeling
  • Rolling and managing size
  • Automating the process  
  • Volatility arbitrage strategies
  • Selling Covered calls around core portfolio: 
  • Aggressive growth strategies

10+ hours of video content

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